Stake DAO partners with Alchemy to power user-friendly DeFi applications.

Even for seasoned crypto enthusiasts, DeFi can seem overwhelming. The sheer number of options seem to be growing by the hour. Some platforms have worked hard to make their user experience (UX) simple, but other more experimental platforms are only accessible to the most daring of savers and investors. …

Flow, the home of NBA Top Shot, will now be accessible to all blockchain developers for free, through the Alchemy developer platform.

Starting today, web3 developers will be able to seamlessly access Flow via the world-class developer platform that already powers the majority of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Built by a stellar team and long-time Alchemy users, Dapper Labs, Flow has continued to gain mass developer and consumer adoption with stand out products…

Step by step guide on submitting and verifying your smart contract’s on Etherscan, so anyone can understand how to interact with it. Part 3 of a series.

Prior to starting this tutorial you should have completed Part 1: creating and deploying a smart contract, and Part 2: interacting with your smart contract.

Still haven’t written and deployed your own smart contract? Check out this tutorial. Don’t have an Alchemy account yet? Sign up for free.

You did…

How to interact with a deployed Ethereum smart contract by sending a transaction, for beginners. Part 2 of a series.

Before starting this tutorial on interacting with a smart contract, you should have completed Part 1: Creating and Deploying a Smart Contract. In Part 3: Submitting Your Smart Contract to Etherscan, we’ll go over submitting our contract to Etherscan so anyone can understand how to interact with it!

Now that…

Our Alchemy Notify suite now includes notifications for all ETH and Token transfers, including our newest addition: internal (smart contract) transactions — giving users full transparency into their transactions, every step of the way.

For a high-level overview of Ethereum Address Activity notifications, check out this blog post.

What are Internal Transactions?

To understand…

Elan Halpern

Elan Halpern works on developer experience at Alchemy, the world's leading blockchain developer platform. She received her BS in Computer Science at Stanford .

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